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What is Kinesiology?

Susan uses a non-invasive method of testing called applied kinesiology, muscle testing. She is able to test for a wide range of obstacles such as parasites, food intolerances, toxic supplements, trapped emotions and nutritional imbalances.  When we introduce anything to the body (food, supplement, person etc.), it will  produce a change in micro-current, which effects the strength of the person. The reaction makes the person or animal stronger, weaker, or has little effect at all, giving the practitioner an idea of how the body will react on a certain food, supplement or therapy.

For more information on Kinesiology please watch the videos below:

What is Kinesiology? Video 1 of 3

Using Kinesiology to test Supplements Video 2 of 3

Using Kinesiology with Questions Video 3 of 3

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