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We believe the body has the ability to heal itself. True health can be gained when the root cause of a symptom is identified and detoxed.  Root cause examples are bacteria, fungi,virus, parasites, heavy metals, chemicals, emotional trauma and food intolerances. We use custom detox remedies and various modalities to find the source of your symptom, then provide you with tools to correct the issue so you can heal yourself.  Each client session will vary based on your bodies need at that time.    

About Alternative Wellness Center

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Is your pet acting out, limping, peeing in the house, on medication? Did you know we work with animals too?  Kinesiology allows us to communicate with your pet without words.  We can identify the cause behind physical and emotional issues, then help your pet heal themself.  Curious if we can help your pet?  Contact Susan to discuss your pets concerns. 


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What is Kinesiology?

Susan uses a non-invasive method of testing called applied kinesiology, muscle testing. She is able to test for a wide range of obstacles such as parasites, food intolerances, toxic supplements, trapped emotions and nutritional imbalances.  When we introduce anything to the body (food, supplement, person etc.), it will  produce a change in micro-current, which effects the strength of the person. The reaction makes the person or animal stronger, weaker, or has little effect at all, giving the practitioner an idea of how the body will react on a certain food, supplement or therapy.

For more information on Kinesiology please watch the videos below:

What is Kinesiology? Video 1 of 3

Using Kinesiology to test Supplements Video 2 of 3

Using Kinesiology with Questions Video 3 of 3

The Emotion Code

What is The Emotion Code?

The Emotion Code is a powerful and simple way to rid yourself of this unseen baggage. Dr. Nelson's method gives you the tools to release the trapped emotions in your life, eliminating your "emotional baggage," and opening your heart and body to the positive energies of the world.

What is The Emotion Code?

Excuse my eyes, I was in the middle of a detox

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​Susan's Cell Phone Number 704-641-0968

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​​Alternative Wellness Center is located at

29 East Woodrow Avenue

Belmont, North Carolina 28012

We are located at the corner of Davis Street and East Woodrow Avenue.

You will need to turn on Davis to get into our parking lot

~~ Ample surface lot parking ~~




Monday and Wednesday
11am until 6pm

10am until 4pm

10am until 3pm

Most services can be completed in person, through zoom, over the phone or remotely.
Services are by appointment only
and are available to humans and animals of any age.
Animals are allowed in the office.  Click on Services and Schedule
at the top of this page to schedule your session

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